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Merge Alert! Merge Alert!

By fairyfay, Jan 6 2018 07:07PM

I am merging my old company 'fairyfaydesigns Henna, Glitter and Face Painting' with my new company 'The Moustache and the Muse'.

They both lend themselves to go hand in hand...The Moustache and the Muse is inspired in may ways... I'm branching into steampunk more heavily which is inspired by the Victorians, the Victorian period lends itself well also to gothic / horror, victorians were heavily influenced by eastern / indian adornment and embellishments, which is where Henna comes from as well as macabre - death portraits etc linking to my skulls, so there is definitely a common theme running through the influences for our creativity.

It will be more manageable for me to have one trading name. One set of sites to update and a name that reflects me and Michael, which is more creative and gives us the opportunity to unleash all of our creativity in one place... so watch out world, the Moustance and the Muse is here to stay. I will keep my fairyfaydesigns website going just a little longer whilst the swop over occurs. Love to you all and thank you for all your support.

Fairyfay aka the muse in this relationship....although I'd look good with a moustache lol.

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