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Hi there, thank you so much for visiting my creative outlet and business page.  I hope you like what you see.  I am fairly new to selling my art and craft as a business and have ideas to see it grow and develop.  I am currently saving to build a workshop in my Garden as well as investing money into the business for new equipment and materials for new products.  Please consider supporting my work as a Patreon.

Even just small one off donations will all add up to make a difference and I shall thank you for your generosity with a gift of course.  I am starting with 4 levels initially but will put higher rewards if generosity exceeds this:

£10 - A Pin Badge.
£20 - A Piece of Jewellery or 5x7 Art Print or Photograph.
£50 - An original Papercut (A4 in size)
£100 - An original handcrafted small mounted skull (A5 in size)

I will also give sneak previews to Patreons of upcoming products and works via email before they are published.

Again thank you for your ongoing support and generosity.